New graphs for Goal Monitors

AdamAdam Developer
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We've just released version 5.4.0 that includes new graphs for Goal Monitors.

We had to move to these as we can no longer support the old format because of technical limitations imposed by new Android versions. So it's not a matter of choice/taste.

They work much better though, so we hope you'll like them. You can zoom in/out and safely increase the number of days displayed in Modules > Goal Tracking > Settings > Number of days shown


  • AdamAdam Developer
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    At this stage, it'd be relatively easy for me to add Graph Correlation feature - to put multiple lines inside the same graph to correlate data from multiple graphs/monitors. If you care about it - please indicate so by voting for the "Multiple Graphs" module.

    Or simply say so here.


  • rashidmrashidm Moderator
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    Hi, Adam! Description of the module is a bit unclear IMHO. Moreover, by "corelate" graphs you mean you just overlap them or what? Very best wishes, R.
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Hi Rashid - yes, graphs overlap and events can be correlated thanks to it. I'll try to come up with a better description, thank you.
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