A priority-ordered To-plan" / "to-do" / or "waiting" list

Hello Ana & Adam

Thank you for this marvelous app and also for so much functionality in it accessible for free

I have a suggestion of a feature which would boost (at least mine) productivity ;)
The idea is to have a so called "to-plan" / "to-do" / or "waiting" list. I mean something which would behave as a list of tasks planned for a day (goalist), but without being attached to a specific day, with one more option for a task: to add it on an actual schedule of present day (while disappearing from "waiting list")
In this way it would be possible to prepare the tasks which you would absolutely like to do (in the comming days/hours), order them according to their priorities and then, when some time comes available on your actual schedule, just add one of these pre-planned tasks.
(In fact, actually I plan tight my day plan with a few "unplanned" tasks and I use replace/split finction to fill them in a good moment. It would be very helpful to have a "stock" of what I want to do - ordered according to the priorities)

I've tryed to create special category ("to-plan") for that, but it does not permit re-ordering. I've tried also a task-set, but it does not allow to add only one task to the actual schedule. Also, both of them do not behave in the way that the "pre-planned" task disappear from the "to-plan" list when it is actually scheduled on a day schedule.
I think the "Move/postpone" feature you plan to implement could also "solve" my problem (while changing my way of using Goalist).

Thank you for all your investement in this project.


  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Hi Sterren,

    Welcome to the forum and thank you for the idea. We like it and it would probably take the same amount of time to implement multiple to-do lists.. Although the easiest solution would be for them to look exactly like the current day plans - so no priorities, just manual sorting. Adding priorities would require a whole new complex logic.

    I've just added your idea to my list, but can't give you any time estimate for implementing it yet.
  • sterrenkijkersterrenkijker Member
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    Hi Adam,

    I'm happy that you like my idea. In fact, by priority I mean manual order of tasks (what I put on top is the most imortant), exactly as you describe it.
    It seems to me that Task Sets do almost the same job already. They need only the possibility to add only one selected task from it to actual schedule. (And the user would need to delete the task from the Task Set afterwards).

    Goalist is really useful for me - no more feeling overwhelmd by all the things to do... :) Thanks.
  • PascalPascal Moderator
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    I think this issue has been covered in this thread: https://www.cambiastic.com/goalist/forum/discussion/167/i-m-used-to-the-gtd-method-of-an-inbasket-where-i-put-all-of-the-stuff-to-be-handled-later/p1.
    I am also in the process of discovering/analysing what works best for me. I used to work with a separate todo app (such as toodledo, ticktick, ....) to maintain my "waiting list" or inbox. But nowadays, I'm trying to work with Goalist only, without creating tasks first in an additional "inbox app", and then adding them to Goalist at the time I want to plan them.

    My current approach is to immediately plan these tasks in the day plan of my first upcoming free day. I must admit that this initially was a bit scary or confronting, as there are some tasks that we like to do "some day" and we keep postponing them. So, if suddenly you plan these tasks on an actual day (today, tomorrow...) it might be confronting, but on the other hand, this straigtforward approach is much more effective and rewarding than delaying the same task over and over again. The latter is still possible: you can always move the task to the day plan of a subsequent free day :-)

    Of course, I need to do a lot of moving: this way, I have a maybe 12 "inbox" tasks planned on my next free day, and when that day is actually there, I will maybe do 4 tasks and move the rest to another day. But that's quickly done, and this way, I stay very well aware of what I have to do and how much time I estimate that it will take me.
    The only annoying little thing for now is that , when I move a single task to a different day plan, in most of the cases the task is duplicated after moving (https://www.cambiastic.com/goalist/forum/discussion/259/duplicate-when-moving-a-task#latest).

    But this approach works better to me than the suggestions in the related thread (https://www.cambiastic.com/goalist/forum/discussion/167/i-m-used-to-the-gtd-method-of-an-inbasket-where-i-put-all-of-the-stuff-to-be-handled-later/p1):
    - creating a separate category with todo tasks: the tasks on my to do lists make part of values & goals, so I want them to be there rather than on a separate category
    - creating a task set: the main draw-back is that in a task set I cannot add instance notes. Because I want to add instance-specific information to the todo. For example, I have a task "Administrative work" which makes part of a Value & Goal. I want to tell in my inbox which particular administrative work i need to do (for example, "Pay school invoice of September") Creating a separate task titled "Pay school invoice of September" is not efficient to me (I have to add it to the appropriate value & goal, probably update monitoring....)

    Ideally I would have a Waiting List or Inbox in Goalist which is like a day plan, but without 24-hr limit. And with the option to select one or more tasks and add them to the current day plan, which then automatically removes them from the inbox.
  • AdamAdam Developer
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    Cool, it sounds reasonable and should be much easier to implement...
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