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How To Get The Cheapest Logo

In other articles we explain the reasoning behind custom logo design pricing. Still, it's perfectly fine if you're still not convinced that paying a professional designer makes sense in your case. So here are two alternatives that you can try at a very low cost:

Online logo makers

This type of service let's you design a logo by yourself. Often you don't need to pay anything, or just give your email in exchange for getting the logo image. Often you have to pay something before you can download the logo image you've created.

It's usually easy to use a logo maker and you should definitely give it a try if your budget is very low. The choice of elements and fonts you can use is not impressive but there is a choice. For instance, on you can design not only a logo, but also a website and other brand elements.

Fiverr is an online service where you can very easily request a logo design. There are thousands of offers from logo designers from all over the world. You can get your logo for just $5 here.

We know Fiverr very well. Worried about such a low-price competition we tried it multiple times and ordered various "gigs" including at least 20 logos. We couldn't believe our eyes... they were so bad... But at the same time we were extremely happy that it's no competition for what we do. It's a completely different type of design service.

Additionally, we've seen multiple Fiverr logos when various people contacted us thinking they can be improved or vectorized. We can do both. Unfortunately in most cases we found out that the logo was made of elements stolen from the Internet. They were really easy to find and some vector versions we were given still had watermarks embedded in them. Even if you wanted to buy these pre-made graphics later, they usually have a license forbidding their usage in logos, which makes perfect sense.

We absolutely do NOT recommend Fiverr logo designs. However, we think that $5 that you spend there will not be lost, whatever you get. Either you get a logo that's indeed good enough for your purpose. Or you'll get a deeper understanding of the difference between a quick & cheap design and a truly custom one made by a professional logo designer.

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