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Branding Essentials

Things you should know before even choosing a name

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What we observed over the years is that there's even more people trying to brand their businesses without any training than those trying to ski without a single lesson with an instructor.

Both are possible, but rarely bring positive results. And both usually cost a huge amount of wasted time and effort. This is an affordable training that will help you move in the right direction fast.

The eBook comes with online tutoring by email to resolve all your questions and make a personalized monitoring of your progress.

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Table of Contents

  1. Brands exist inside people's heads
    1. Craft an appealing brand message that resonates with people you care about
    2. Learn to communicate the right message with everything you do
    3. How not being everything to everyone actually extends your target audience
  2. Variety of branding angles
    1. Pricing as a powerful branding message
    2. How to narrow your specialization to the optimal point of low effort and high income
    3. Positioning yourself in the heads of prospects
    4. Do I need stuff like business cards or letterhead?
  3. Choosing a name based on data
    1. How a good name helps you position even in search engines
    2. The difference between an informational, clever and appropriate name
    3. Don't create limits for the future with incorrect decisions early
    4. Checking if the name is apt for branding
    5. Reserving basic online branding assets before proceeding
  4. Filtering and categorizing clients
    1. Using clever marketing funnels to maximize engagement and retention
    2. The science and art of defining useful avatars and target audience
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