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What is Branding?

What does the term "Branding" mean? What is a Brand and how do you create and care about it? See what brand designers and successful business owners think about it.

Does It Make Sense To Buy A $5 Logo?

How we see the business role of a great company logo design. And why it can't cost just $5. Understand the pitfalls of cheap online logo design services.

How To Get The Cheapest Logo

If you think custom logo designers charge too much for a professional logo design here's a way you can get a logo for just $5 from online logo design services.

What's The Difference Between Cheap And Professional Logo Design?

Is there more to choosing a custom logo design than just a matter of personal taste? Do you get anything more than just a different image?

Target Marketing & Market Segmentation

This article explains that the primary purpose of the market segmentation process is not to reject any group of people, but to better address every group that your product or service can reach.

Benefits of Branding

Understand how the branding efforts of a business benefit consumers, product or service providers and retailers.

Custom Logo Design Process

What does it take to create a professional logo design? What steps does it involve for custom logos and what is their purpose?

Branding Elements And Their Meaning

What are branding elements and what is their meaning? Understanding them helps in the process of brand development.

Trademark Registration: Protecting Your Business Logo Design

Question: Is a federal trademark registration the right way to protect a log design?
Answer: It depends...

Trademark - Do I Need One For My Business Name and Logo?

Wondering if a trademark is important to you as a business owner?
Let's start with the basics..

Trademark a Name and Logo - Together Or Separate?

Let's assume you've done your due diligence, had comprehensive research conducted and your name and logo are legally available. The next step is filing for a Federal Trademark. Now when it comes to filing, a big question is should the name and logo be filed together or separately?

Filing a Trademark - Plain Text Vs Stylized Logo (US)

When filing a trademark, the USPTO gives you two options: Standard Characters or Specialized Form (Stylized and/or Design). Let's look at each one in detail and that should help you decide the best way to file for your mark.

How to Register Your Logo As a Trademark

Registering your company logo, as with any intellectual property, can be a complex process if you are unfamiliar with trademark law and the registration process [...] However, if you wish to understand the steps involved, we have provided a concise version of the custom log registration process.

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