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Trademark Registration: Protecting Your Logo Design

Question: Is a federal trademark registration the right way to protect a log design?
Answer: It depends...

Trademark - Do I Need One For My Business Name and Logo?

Wondering if a trademark is important to you as a business owner?
Let's start with the basics..

Trademark a Name and Logo - Together Or Separate?

Let's assume you've done your due diligence, had comprehensive research conducted and your name and logo are legally available. The next step is filing for a Federal trademark. Now when it comes to filing, a big question is should the name and logo be filed together or separately?

Filing a Trademark - Plain Text Vs Stylized Logo (US)

When filing a trademark, the USPTO gives you two options: Standard Characters or Specialized Form (Stylized and/or Design). Let's look at each one in detail and that should help you decide the best way to file for your mark.

How to Register Your Logo As a Trademark

Registering your logo, as with any intellectual property, can be a complex process if you are unfamiliar with trademark law and the registration process [...] However, if you wish to understand the steps involved, we have provided a concise version of the registration process.

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