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Online Presence Strategy

How to create lasting relationships with your audiences

Online Presence Strategy - cover

Everyone on the Net may have an unlimited number of virtual identities and online assets. So the online world is even more crowded than the real one.

Making yourself noticed, let alone heard, is an art and a science. Success in it brings not only profits but also a lot of satisfaction coming from the contact with your Tribe.

The eBook comes with online tutoring by email to resolve all your questions and make a personalized monitoring of your progress.

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Table of Contents

  1. Using social networks to deliver real value
    1. How to always be the first on your client's mind
  2. Each network is a different marketing channel
    1. Automating Content Propagation
    2. How you can use Facebook to engage people with a non-business mindset
    3. How you can use Twitter to deliver the Essence of your Brand Insights
    4. How you can use Instagram to make a lasting visual impression
    5. How you can use Google+ and the good juice that comes with it
    6. How you can use LinkedIn to start Valuable Business Relationships
    7. How you can use YouTube to tell engaging and shareable stories about your Brand
  3. Company's Website
    1. Making the correct decisions early
    2. How your decisions will influence the future of your online asset
    3. Making sure your Website will be an Investment, not Liability
    4. Making sure you own your Website
    5. Which website type best suits your business
  4. Custom solution or a website builder?
    1. Is it worth to use Squarespace and the like?
    2. Getting the right domain name the right way
    3. Recommendations for getting reliable hosting
  5. Content strategies, tracking and improving user engagement
    1. Using analytics
    2. Creating metrics and avoiding the Vanity Trap
    3. Taking control over marketing campaigns using own URL shortener
  6. Collecting testimonials and getting referrals
    1. Managing email list
      1. Why you need an email list more than ever
      2. How to gain quality subscribers quickly
      3. Building relationship with your list
      4. Profiting from the list in the long run
      5. Automating your campaigns
      6. Segmenting subscribers to maximize profit
      7. Defining the target audience and avatars
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